Little Bottle of Miracle

Last nigh after taking a shower I forgot to apply Jonh Frieda Frizz Ease Hair Serum, when I realized it it it was too late because I have already dried my hair (it should be applied on soaking wet hair). I was looking (and still I'm) like shocked by electricity, the photo below is taken today  and it's better than last night.

 There are three different types of this serum : Original formula for medium to coarse frizzy hair (I'm using this one), strenght formula for coarse to very coarse frizzy hair and thermal protection formula for all frizzy hair types.It makes my hair silky and smooth and the best thing it doesn't leave your hair looking greasy.

I like sharing thigs that are useful and effective so I strongly reccomend this hair serum for those who are suffering from frizz.



In October I have made a trip to Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia. Although I wasn't planning any shopping there I turned back with two new pairs of shoes from Simecki. I know that there is no  great offer of clothing and shoes in Bosnia and Herzegovina but I went crazy when I saw all shoes in Simecki. I'm tall and my biggest problem is that I can't find shoes with small/medium heels.So when I saw all those shoes in Simecki I wanted them all! My sister, who was actually looking to buy boots there enden with two pairs too. And now I'm regretting that I didn't buy one more pair.
These sweetes are so comfy and hand made of genuine leather, I'm in love with them. You'll see them a lot in my outfit posts.


Gift Ideas For Men

Buying gifts for men is always the most difficult part of the holiday gift shopping. There is a lot of gift guides and suggestions for women, so while I was looking something for my husband I decided to share some of things that caught my attention.

1. Prada Infusion D'Homme Eau De Toilette - Boots
2. Timberland plaid shirt
3. Guess watch
4. Dents leather gloves from House of Fraser
5. Nike Storm Fly Men's Running Jacket
6. Mont Blanc Starwalker Cool Blue Pen 
7. iTunes Gift Card
8.Hackett London Chelsea Dot Silk Tie


Look of The Day: Changing my mind

Everything I'm wearing in this outfit is from past years, except the bag. I bought this coat last year in River Island and  regretted  it later because it's too loose. But then I found ways to wear it and actually it's the coat that I wear the most often. It's so warm and I love its colour.

Coat : River Island
Corduroy Skirt : Twist
Top: No name (from Istanbul)
Boots : Inci
Bag: Jobis
Scarf : No name (from Istanbul)


Little Happy Makers

Few little things that make me happy and thankful :

          Big windows in my living room.
                  A slice of cake and cup of tea.

                     Orchids and beautiful bouqet on my table.
                   My Patrick Cox bag.
                   Decorated christmas tree.

Photos taken with Instagram.


Black & Gold

This old blazer is always a saver when I need an effective but simple look. This is how I combined it with my golden balllerinas and compeltly black outfit.

Blazer: It's Esprit but I bougt it in Istanbul in small back street shop.
Top: LC Waikiki
Skirt : H&M
Tights : Pierre Cardin
Bag : Vintage
Shoes : Medicus

Cheerful Winter Outfit

Mix of pastel, bright colours with jeans for winter days...

1.Zara silk shirt
2. Mathew Williamson wool and cashmere blend cardigan from Net-A-Porter
3. Elsa Peretti Cabochon ring (gold with lapis lazuli) - Tiffany & Co.
4. Marc Jacobs Memphis Colorblocked Satchel
5. MIH Jeans-The Marrakesh jeans
6. Topshop AMBUSH Side Zip Ankle Boots
7. MIU MIU Wool Princess Coat from Net-A-Porter
8. Elsa Peretti Starfish Earrings (lapis lazuli with silver) -Tiffany & Co.


Bag Season

All summer I have been looking  for a nice, leather, light and affordable bag which can be combined with everything. Yes,  it was a hard mission, bu finally I find it! At the end of  August I found this black Patrick Cox  bag which meet all my needs.

But after that I bought three amazing bags more, and now I'm done with bags for a looong time!

1. Black bowling bag : PatrickCox ( from TK Maxx)
2. Light brown bag : Patrick Cox (from TK Maxx)
3. Vintage bag
4. Tan bag : Jobis (from TK Maxx)


Museum oufit

I didn't know that tickets will be sold out that soon so I didn't buy my ticket in dvance for "Leonardo Da Vinci: Painter At The court Of Milan" exibiton in The National Gallery. Because of that mistake I have been waiting for 3 hours, from 7.30 to 10.30, in front of the museum to buy limited tickets which are sold on each day of exibiton. And it worth it of course! It was realy unforgetable and fascinating  experience.

For me one of  the most intersting parts was to see two versions of "The Virgin of the Rocks"  in the same place, oppostite to each other. But all exibition was really interesting, and amazingly curated.

Here are few photographs of my outfit that day.

Because of the cold but luckily dry weather I was all wraped up warm.

Jeans : Zara
Jumper : Mango (very very old but one of my favourite jumper because it's so warm)
Coat : Mango (at lest 6 years old)
Bag : Vintage
Boots : Move On
Shawl : Unknown


Messy Hair

As I mentioned before I like messy brides, and in general I like messy hair in every style.  Here are some inspirational messy models from fashion shows fall/winter 2011-2012 :

John Richmond
Proenza Shouler
Michael Kors

Alexander Wang


My Purchases from Turkey

I bought just a few simple things :

 Scarf  from Bursa
 Earrings from Koton (this is actually a gift)
 Silver ring with semi- precious sapphire from Ortakoy street market
White skirt from sale at Park Bravo

Jewel Colours from Koton

 Koton's 2011-2011 fall/winter collection is cool and feminine. Jewel colours are used in great harmony. All are amazing but my favourite looks are the third one and the last one. Which one is your favourite?


Natural Fabrics

For me when buying clothing  its fabric is eqaually important as its outlook, I can find the best dress ever but if itscomposition is mostly synthetic it has a really really small chance for me.

It is really bad that most of brands are using so much synthetic fabrics such as acrylic, polyster and nylon, and yes it's because these fabrics are much more cheaper than natural ones. But sometimes prices of these things are expensive as it's made of wool or silk.

The fabrics that  I feel comfortable in are cotton, wool, viscose, silk,  cashmere and compositions including mostly one  of these fabrics. Becuse of that I'm not shoping from online shopping sites which are not indicating composition of product.

Do you check the label when buying something? Do you feel comortable in synthetic clothes?


Shopping Guide for Istanbul

Istanbul is a city full of treasures waiting to be discovered. I'm going to tell you just about few ones about shopping, but there is much more.

In Istanbul you can find all world brands, furthemore there is plenty of local brands and small shops which are supplied  from textile factories all around country. Often when I'm shopping from well known world brands I see that a lot of products are made in Turkey, that's because Turkey is a big producer of textile and these fatories are producing amazing, high quality clothing for local brands too.

Istanbul is a city of malls, I would say unfortunately but that's another subject. As I said there you can find all world brands but also amazing local brands, and my favourites are :


My favorite mall is Istinye Park, but Cevahir, Kanyon, Akmerkez, Metro City are also the ones that I enjoy.

Koton shop in Istinye Park, Ipekyol in Istinye Park and Istinye Park view :

If you like surprises then I would recommend you to visit "street markets" and "bazaars", places for real adventure. The most famous bazaar is of course  "Grand Bazaar", but there are modern bazaars like " Sinan Pasa Bazaar" at Besiktas. There are nice bazaars and shops at Kadikoy too, on the Asian part of Istanbul.

Besiktas Sinan Pasa Bazaar :

As for Street Markets the most famous ones are :

1. Kadikoy Street Market -Tuseday (At European side)
2. 4. Levent Street Market - Tuesday (At Asian side)
3. Yesilkoy Street Market - Wednesday (Asian side)
4. Ulus Street Market - Thursday (Europeanside, it's name is Ulus but it's actually somwhere between Etiler and Arnavutkoy)
5. Findikzade Street market - Friday (European side)
6. Besiktas Street Market - Saturday (European side)

Photos from Besiktas Street market :

This was my short Istanbul shopping guide, but as I said there is a lot of things to discover. One thing that I have add is;  in Istanbul you can find really nice jewellery, as a fan of silver and semi precious stones Istanbul is heaven for me.

Hope you like this post.