Rice Pudding - Sutlijas

Quick and healthy, dessert, quick breakfast or without sugar  perfect baby food  and you have all ingredients in your cupboard; traditional Turkish rice pudding is definitely one of my favourite desserts/snack. But finding the right recipe took some time because there's loads of recipes for this simple food out there.


-  1 cup rice
- 2 cups water
- 1 l  full fat milk (if you use skimmed milk it'll affect consistency of the pudding)
- 2 tbs corn flour
- 1 cup sugar for dessert is the original measure but I prefer it less sugary so I put just 1/2 cup of sugar,  no sugar if you're making a baby food
- 2 tbs vanilla extract
- 1 tbs of raw coconut oil
- Cinnamon/lemon zest/nutmeg/fruits to serve


- Wash and drain the rice then boil it with 2 cups of water until water is absorbed and rice softened.

- Add milk  to the rice and stir frequently until boils.

- Add 3 spoons of cold water to corn flour; mix it well then add few spoons of boiling pudding mixture to this and then add this corn flour mixture to the pot. Stir until it boils and continue cooking for 5 more minutes until it's thicker and creamy.

- Add sugar (if using) and continue cooking for 2-3 minutes.

-  Remove it from the stove, add vanilla extract and coconut oil and stir until well incorported.

- Pour hot pudding into small bowls and leave them at room temperature to completely cool.

- Keep them in the fridge and sprinkle with cinnamon or lemon zest/ nutmeg before serving, or serve with fruit of your choice.

- If desired the pudding can be poured in ovenproof bowls and baked. Put bowls in the baking tin filled with water and bake  until top is golden.