Don't Miss Your Own Life

In rush for living we mostly sacrifice "present" for future and forget that every moment is unique. Don't forget.



Vintage Shops In Angel

Some nice vintage shops that I visited in Angel... Annie's, Decadent and Fat Faced Cat. Can find nice pieces but prices mostly expensive for my budget.


My Portobello Market Finds

Dressing table mirror and jewellery plate


I want to share one of my favorite brands which is not well known but absolutley deserves attention: Ipekyol. It's a Turkish fashion label which offers gorgeous looks, especially for workwear. I like almost everything from Ipekyol! Dresses, pants, shirts, skirts are amazing with classic but also trendy air. Beside its original line, Ipekyol models fits wondrously (at least for my body shape).

And I'm so lucky because Ipekyol has one shop here in London in Westfield Shopping Centre. I highly reccomend visiting their store.

Edit: I haven't been in Westfield for about 1 month. I went there few days ago and learned tahat Ipekyol shop is unfortunatly closed :( -25.03.2011-

Looks from 2011 spring/summer collection:


Portobello Market

I was at Portobello Market before but it was workday. Today I went again and I got crazy. There is beutiful jewellery, antiques, gravures and all sorts of stuff. It's impossible to visit everything in one day, in the next weeks I will go again.

Have a nice weekend!


Ann Loraine Enriched Hand Cream

I have really really dry hands. I tried a lot of different hand creams but none really helped. Yesterday I was looking for interesting products in TK Maxx and I found a hand cream that I never herad about before. And I decided to try it. Result? It's really good! It's Ann Loraine Enriched Hand Cream with Organic Shea Butter, Olive Oil & Aloe vera. I feel that my skin is moisturized and nourished and it's resorbed quickly.

As I said I have never heard about that brend before. I checked their web site but couldn't find where I can buy their products in London. Does anbody know?


Discovering London -1

Citro├źn Dolly

Royal Albert Hall

Abstract sclupture of Anish Kapoor in Hyde Park