Museum oufit

I didn't know that tickets will be sold out that soon so I didn't buy my ticket in dvance for "Leonardo Da Vinci: Painter At The court Of Milan" exibiton in The National Gallery. Because of that mistake I have been waiting for 3 hours, from 7.30 to 10.30, in front of the museum to buy limited tickets which are sold on each day of exibiton. And it worth it of course! It was realy unforgetable and fascinating  experience.

For me one of  the most intersting parts was to see two versions of "The Virgin of the Rocks"  in the same place, oppostite to each other. But all exibition was really interesting, and amazingly curated.

Here are few photographs of my outfit that day.

Because of the cold but luckily dry weather I was all wraped up warm.

Jeans : Zara
Jumper : Mango (very very old but one of my favourite jumper because it's so warm)
Coat : Mango (at lest 6 years old)
Bag : Vintage
Boots : Move On
Shawl : Unknown


Selma Selimovic said...

Jooooj ♡ bila sam ovdje...
kako samo želim doći ponovo !

Semi Fashion said...

Nadam se onda da ces opet doci uskoro. Kada dodes obavezno se javi. :)