Tips for beautiful nails from Swedish Love Affaire

One of blogs that I'm following regularly is Swedish Love Affair, Antonia's blog. The best part of her blog is that she's updating it constatly, a few times a day, and it's always nice reading her posts and looking at her nice photos.

I can say Antonia is a nail expert and she's giving nail care tips, showing various nail polishes at her blog. Few days ago she wrote a post about "the advantages of using a glass nail file". Ok, to be honest I did'nt belive that it can be such a big difference between sandpaper or metal files and the glass ones, but there is!

After reading her post I checked on internet and found this file in Boots, but then I forgot about it. Yesterday while looking around in T K Maxx I found a glass nail file encrusted with Swarovski crystals and it was only £4.99! Of course I bought it and tried it immediately. It's really different than other nail files, nail tips are not bumpy and you can feel that you're not damaging your nails while filing. This is simple but effective tip for beautiful nails. Thanks Antonia!

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Antonia at Swedish Love Affair said...

Great post! And thanks for mentioning me:)