How to set your child's biological clock?

I've always heard stories about babies and toddlers who are not sleeping during the night and exhausted and desperate parents. During my pregnancy everyone was telling me to rest and sleep because it'll be a dream once the baby is born.

Now my son is three months old and he's sleeping through the night since he was six weeks old and I had to wake him up for feeds. All babies are different and they don't respond to the same things the same way but I believe that these methods helped me to set his sleeping habit so I wanted to share them:

- GOING OUTDOORS EVERYDAY: First  six weeks it is difficult to go outside everyday I agree but as soon as you have kind a routine and feel ready to go, just go. Even a fifteen minutes walk around counts. Fresh air and light helps him to distinguish day and night. Except very  extreme weather conditions like very strong wind we were outdoor everyday after fifth week and these days sometimes we're out twice a day.

                                                                       Walk in the rain

- DAY NAPS IN BRIGHT  & NIGHT SLEEPS IN DARK ROOM: I never darken the room for his naps and this way avoid confusion. If your baby has difficulty to sleep in the bright room you can try to make him sleep in dark and then open the blinds. But for night it's opposite; I make the room completely dark.

- BEDTME ROUTINE: For us it's play time, bath, massage and feed. We're very lucky that Edin loves bath because even the quick soak  has an amazing effect. He's having a bath every night since he's 10 days old and we skipped this routine maybe just five times since then.

-  LIGHTS DIM & NO TALKING DURING THE NIGHT FEEDS: This rule helps to keep baby sleepy and makes it easier to fall asleep again.

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