A Fresh Start

After a year far from blogging and blogosphere  I feel inspired to start writing again. This time in a little different concept since a lot of things has changed and a lot of things will be very different in few weeks. I'm 38 weeks pregnant and this pregnancy experience was/is very special and magic time and I feel the urge to document my experiences and discoveries.

It is very special  period  but of course it comes with its difficulties. I kept my positive attitude since I've learned that I'm pregnant and I can tell that it helped me to overcome them and to enjoy every moment.

 Here are few tips that  I found very useful during my pregnancy:

- Signing Up For NHS's Information Service for Parents: I strongly recommend to every expecting parent living in England to do this! Me and my husband have been receiving emails about development of our baby, changes in my body, and useful tips, every week since I've learned that I'm pregnant. It was very useful and helped us to prepare ourselves for the  forthcoming changes. For this service you can sign up here.
The emails are not very detailed but it gives an idea about things to do or not to do, and gives clues  about topics to research and I almost always did wider researches about most of the content.

-Pregnancy Is Not Sickenss, It's Something Natural: This was the best advice that was given to me during my pregnancy. It's so true! I was so worried at the beginning about millions of things and when my GP told me this I suddenly felt so reassured and I started trusting my body.

-Question & Research Then Decide: Everyone has it's own idea about what's correct to do or not during pregnancy and it depends on experience, culture, education... But mostly there is no rule and you have to find out some things for yourself.

Is it safe to dye your hair while pregnant? Should I get vaccinated for flu? For whooping cough? Should I take vitamins during my pregnancy? If so what kind of vitamins should I choose?  I heard and read a lot of different opinions and experiences but at the end it is your decision and you should listen your instincts. I believe that we should question everything that people say and read different opinions and options and then decide how to act.

- Be Proactive: Actually this is relevant with the previous tip. You have to be proactive, to ask for information, service, help. Don't be shy to ask anything.

In between my antenatal appointments I'm writing down all questions coming to my mind to ask to my midwife. And if there's anything that bothers and worries me I call her immediately.

- Stay Active: Yes this is cliché,  you'll read it  in every book, in every article about pregnancy but it's SO TRUE! I was doing yoga before I was pregnant but didn't continued  in my pregnancy because I was feeling soo tired in the first trimester. Instead I started walking every morning in the park. At the beginning of third trimester it became very difficult because I was working but since I'm on maternity leave I started walking again every day at least 40 minutes. Sometimes it's just walking while running errands or shopping but it makes a big difference.

- Eat Healthy: Another very true cliché! First three months it was impossible to do so because of the pregnancy sickness, and it's very normal. Actually in first trimester I wasn't able to cook and I was craving for  fast food which I normally hate and even feel sick of it's smell. But after that period I started planning my meals in advance and actually lost all desire to eat at restaurants. Usually on Fridays/Saturdays we eat outside but for months we quit that tradition.

Working and cooking can be very very difficult but if you do your plan in advance it'll be much easier. And carrying nuts, dried fruits, water &  fruits in your bag is very useful and helps you to keep your energy up.

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