Happy 2012 !

Delayed New Year wishes : Happy 2012 to everyone!  I wish you happiness, joy and best of everything.

It was really rush two weeks. Christmas, New Year and we have guest, my husbands brother is visiting us and this is his first time in London. We're spending all day outside, at least 12 hours, mostly walking around and trying to visit as much places as possible. We are having a wonderful time!

This is my outfit of the day. I'm wearing my favorite tights, I like them so much that I bought two more.

Coat : River Island
Skirt : H&M
Tights : Fashion Legwear
Jumper : Topshop
Shoes : Bambi
Scarf : No brand-from Istanbul
Gloves : No brand -from Istanbul
Bag : Vintage
Sunglasses : Ray-Ban

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